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Planning for a New Website or App? The First Step for your New Website or App is Sitemap. Plan out your Website Structure and Layout Quickly and Easily with Sitemap.

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About Sitemap

Sitemap is a user-friendly website planning system to plan and create your website structure at your fingertips.

It helps you to create an intuitive and elegant website structure for your own business or your clients. Sitemap allow you to define and plan your website pages, subpages, add notes, branding, sharing and more.


Create & Manage Website Sitemap at Your Fingertips

Create Visually Simple Sitemap

Visualize website pages and subpages with hierarchical structure in sitemap. Add, Delete or adjust pages and subpages with easy to use website planning system.

Multiple Sitemap Version

Sitemap allow you to create multiple version of a single sitemap. It will help you to keep track of regular updates done on website sitemap.

Drag and Drop Sortable

Sitemap allow you to easily reorder pages and subpages in a second. Just drag the page or subpage and it will restructure automatically.

In-Place Editing

Pages and Subpage Name changes was never easier. Just click on a cell and start typing and save sitemap.

Undo and Redo

It is easy to revert back to the most recent change you made and even if you have change your mind, you can also redo it with just a one click.

Add Informative Note

You can easily add notes for each page and subpages.

Export Visual Sitemap

Visual Sitemap can be exported in PDF and HTML formats.

Share A Sitemap with Team

Want to share your sitemap with a team or customer? It allows you to share sitemap in multiple ways. You can share it via online link, direct email to team or customer inbox and also share it directly on facebook, twitter, linked in and WhatsApp.

Client Logos and Branding

Want to customize sitemap for your customer? Sitemap allow you add your customer logo and name for banding.

Profile Pictures

Want to personalize your account? Sitemap allow you to upload user profile picture for personalization purpose.

Custom Cell and Font Colors

Want to use different custom colors for page, subpages and font? Sitemap allow you to set custom colors for cells and fonts as per needs and website theme.

Automatic Page Count

Created a Sitemap for your website? You don’t need to count each pages and sub-pages manually; sitemap application will give you a total number of page count to eliminate the errors.

*please note that sitemap features will work on web/desktop application only.

Why a Sitemap?

Why you should build a sitemap for your website?

  • To define website goal and purpose
  • Eliminate duplicate page and repeatation
  • Eliminate unnecessary page and minimize conversion funnel
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Take a Tour

Take a look at Sitemap Video to create an interactive sitemaps and user flows for web development and planning better UX.

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